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Jeremy Peter Allen

Hailing all the way from Australia, Jeremy Peter Allen is an energetic and talented singer/guitarist with an impressive pedigree of musical...

Solo Guitar, Acoustic, Full Band, Indie, Rock, Rock N Roll

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Gloria is a joyous performer. To work with, she is an easy-going person who fits any format and venue. And when she sings, her laid back...

Acoustic, Full Band, Jazz, Motown, Soul, RnB.

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Anna Scott

A Parisian artiste based in London, Anna's upbringing was nurtured by musical theatre and film. She explored the genre with great passion...

Acoustic, Full Band, Jazz, Blues, Americana, Folk

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Creole Moon

Creole Moon came together in 2014 after the four musicians had met playing gigs around the London circuit. They wanted to share their passion...

Acoustic, Full Band, Soul, Motown

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Dana Elle

After performing over 200 shows with her original project, including, big band concerts, festivals, Trio's , Solo sets, TV appearance on...

Acoustic, Full Band, RnB, Soul, Motown

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Funk & Tingz

Funk & Tingz is essentially a scaled-down version of a much larger group. We carry the same feeling in the music & repertoire as...

Acoustic, Full Band, Rock, Pop, Soul, Motown, Funk

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LJ Duo

The LJ Duo bring together two supremely talented musicians to form a new and exciting Acoustic machine! J.Gordon is a talented singer-songwriter...

Acoustic, Blues, Rock, Indie, Motown, Soul, RnB, Hip Hop

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Lux Macleod

Lux MacLeod was born on August 29th, 1972 in Cagliari, Italy. Since he was a child, he showed particular interest in many kinds of art,...

Acoustic, Indie, Pop, Rock, Soul, Motown,

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Renny Jackson

Renny Jackson writes lyrics with the sensibility of a poet, plays complex guitar with gusto and finesse, and delivers his songs with a simplicity...

Solo Guitar, Acoustic, Full Band, Folk, Pop, Indie, Rock N Roll, Soul, Motown, Jazz.

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The Dukes

The Dukes are a popular Duo band consisting of Sam Rooney & Olly Corpe who are one of the longest serving artists on the Sunday SouLounge...

Acoustic, Full Band, Soul, Motown, Pop, Indie.

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Henry & Andrea

Henry Facey and Andrea Carola met on the streets of London in the summer of 2015, what seemed like a great friendship at first soon developed...

Acoustic, Rock N Roll, Indie, Rock, Soul, Motown.

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Adriana Blu

Adriana Blu started her music career in Spain with the Santander Jazz Big Band. Her colourful and sensual voice with an exotic touch of...

Acoustic, Full Band, Jazz, Soul, Latin

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Dimo & Nico

Dimi And Nico from Bulgaria and Belgium are two professional musicians who share a passion for guitars and vocal harmonies. Both with years...

Acoustic, Rock N Roll, Indie, Rock, Soul, Motown.

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Elliott Rooney

Elliott Rooney is pianist, vocalist and songwriter. He has played at hundreds of gigs across the UK, from Jazz clubs to Symphony halls,...

Solo Piano, Acoustic, Full Band, Jazz, Motown, Soul.

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Introducing Mushana, an exceptionally talented U.K. singer/songwriter. Her distinctive style fuses pop, contemporary classical and urban...

Acoustic, Soul, Motown, RnB, Pop.

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The cosmopolitan Natomaduo is made up of Natalia Cerqueira, accordion and vocals, and Tomaz Hanagasa, cavaquinho and guitar. The duo...

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Nira King

Nira King is a Jazz & Soul Singer based in London with a wide repetoire of standards, soulful ballads and upbeat tunes. Usually she...

Acoustic, Jazz, Soul, Motown.

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West Four Quartet

The West Four Quartet blends Jazz and Latin with a Brazilian funky groove improvising on a wide repertoire of classic popular tunes from...

Full Band, Jazz.

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