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Andrea Carola

Andrea Carola is an experienced London based singer guitarist running an energetic live acoustic show made of revisited classics from 50s...

Solo Guitar, Rock N Roll, Indie, Rock, Soul, Motown.

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Gloria is a joyous performer. To work with, she is an easy-going person who fits any format and venue. And when she sings, her laid back...

Acoustic, Full Band, Jazz, Motown, Soul, RnB.

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Anna Scott

Singer, songwriter and performer, Anna made her first appearances on stage from the age of 3, and hasn’t stopped performing since. Parisian...

Acoustic, Full Band, Jazz, Blues, Rockabilly, Americana, Folk

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Dan Olsen

International award winning singer-songwriter and producer Dan Olsen whose genre can best be described as "acoustic pop" hails...

Acoustic Duo, Indie, Pop, Motown

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LJ Duo

The LJ Duo bring together two supremely talented musicians to form a new and exciting Acoustic machine! J.Gordon is a talented singer-songwriter...

Acoustic, Blues, Rock, Indie, Motown, Soul, RnB, Hip Hop

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Adriana Blu

Adriana Blu started her music career in Spain with the Santander Jazz Big Band. Her colourful and sensual voice with an exotic touch of...

Acoustic, Full Band, Jazz, Soul, Latin

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Ian Britt

Over a decade of multi-national performance experience as an acoustic artist, including extensive tours of the UK and The Netherlands (venues...

Solo Guitar, Soul, Motown, Indie, Folk.

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Acoustic Luke

Acoustic Luke is a solo singer and guitarist performing in London and around Europe. Hailing from western Australia, Luke purchased...

Solo Guitar, Acoustic, Pop, Indie, Rock.

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Andria Antoniou

Born in a musical family in the small island of Cyprus, the musical theatre performer and jazz vocalist Andria Antoniou started to develop...

Solo Piano, Acoustic, Full Band, Jazz, Soul,

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Elliott Rooney

Elliott Rooney is pianist, vocalist and songwriter. He has played at hundreds of gigs across the UK, from Jazz clubs to Symphony halls,...

Solo Piano, Acoustic, Full Band, Jazz, Motown, Soul.

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Lux Macleod

Lux MacLeod was born on August 29th, 1972 in Cagliari, Italy. Since he was a child, he showed particular interest in many kinds of art,...

Acoustic, Indie, Pop, Rock, Soul, Motown,

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Chasing Deer

Chasing Deer are energetic performers with an exciting Rock sound, living, performing and writing music full-time in London. With polished,...

Acoustic, Full Band, Soul, Motown, Indie, Pop

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Hailing from a small town just outside Rome, Alfredo Salvati now ply's his trade as Colourshop, a band with influences ranging from Pink...

Solo Guitar, Acoustic, Indie, RnB, Soul, Motown, Pop.

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Creole Moon

Creole Moon came together in 2014 after the four musicians had met playing gigs around the London circuit. They wanted to share their passion...

Acoustic, Full Band, Soul, Motown

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Dana is a Maltese singer-songwriter & international beatbox pioneer, having officially represented Malta and single-handedly putting...

Solo Guitar, Acoustic, Full Band, Indie, Pop, RnB, Soul, Motown

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Nolita Golding

Nolita Golding was born in Coventry, England into a mix of Spanish, English and Mexican heritage. Her first memories of music are singing...

Acoustic, Full Band, Jazz, Soul, Motown, RnB,

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Olly Corpe

Olly Corpe is one half of the popular Duo band "The Dukes" alongside Sam Rooney has been one of the longest serving artists on...

Solo Guitar, Indie, Soul, Motown, Pop.

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The Dukes

The Dukes are a popular Duo band consisting of Sam Rooney & Olly Corpe who are one of the longest serving artists on the Sunday SouLounge...

Acoustic, Full Band, Soul, Motown, Pop, Indie.

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West Four Quartet

The West Four Quartet blends jazz, latin and funky grooves improvising on a wide repertoire of classic tunes from Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway,...

Full Band, Jazz, Funk, Latin, Soul

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